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Many people wear make-up when they go out, and make-up is certainly not without eyeliner pencil, eyeliner pencil is a class of makeup products, used to deepen and highlight the eye make-up effect, so that the eyes have the spirit.In the 1950s eyeliner liquid appeared in Europe, however, in the 1970s and 1980s, the purchase rate of liquid eyeliner declined, and replaced by a pencil-like eyeliner. The late 1980s saw the rise of cake eyeliner, and the 1990s saw the rise of the retro trend and a resurgence of interest in liquid eyeliner. 21st century eyeliners are very different from those of the 1970s in terms of color, ingredients, and shape. Liquid eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that contains oil and was an important item in eye cosmetics in the 1950s.

Eyeliner pencils Ingredients

The ingredients of eyeliner pencils are titanium oxide, liquid paraffin, talc, semi-oleate, zinc laurate, preservatives, coloring pigments, fragrances and so on. The different proportions of the ingredients will cause the final makeup effect is different, it is recommended not to go to the roadside store to buy eyeliner, which if you add any poor quality materials will cause great adverse effects on your eyes and skin.

Classification of eyeliner pencil

Lotion eyeliner: expressive, coloring is not easy to fall off, tracing the line is also more fluent. However, because the thickness of its nibs is limited, the thickness of the lines drawn is not easy to change, so to use this type of eyeliner, you should prepare a set of nibs that can be replaced, so that you can depict both detailed and smooth lines, as well as thicker, softer lines.
Pencil-type eyeliner: use, carry are very convenient, the price is lower, is the general working women’s carry-on thing. However, its expressive power is weak, and it is easy to fall off after coloring, so it is suitable for use when wearing makeup for a short time. At work and in daily life, it is one of the tools for touching up makeup at any time. Because this type of eyeliner is light and soft in coloring, it can be drawn repeatedly, so it is very suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner.

How to choose an eyeliner pencil?

Eyeliner pencil colors

First, do not buy the same color as the pupil color. Eyeliner that is the same color as your pupil does not create contrast and does not create a visual effect that makes your eyes pop. Only with contrast can you make your eyes look bright.

Secondly, the eyeliner color is one shade darker than the eye shadow color. Oriental women’s pupil color is a darker amber color, so dark gray or dark brown are more suitable.

Third, choose the color according to the type of eyeliner pencil. General daily eyeliner choose brown color is suitable, delicate eyeliner choose black color, enlarge eyeliner choose white color. There are also suitable for autumn and winter eyeshadow color eyeliner can choose burgundy system.

The quality of eyeliner pencil

First, whether it is easy to color. Try to draw lines on the back of your hand when picking an eyeliner pencil to see if it’s easy to get color and whether the lines are smooth. Only the pencil is soft enough, fine enough smoothness is easier to make up, but also does not irritate the eyes.

Secondly, whether it is waterproof and long-lasting. After confirming whether it is easy to color, you can take the back of the hand with eyeliner to the faucet to rinse and rub, to see whether it lasts long enough and whether it is easy to smudge.

Third, whether it is easy to remove makeup. There are a lot of eyeliners that are easy to put on, but not easy to remove. So try a lightweight, gentle makeup remover to see if it’s easy to remove and if it cleans well. Eyeliners that can be cleaned will not cause irritation to the eye area.

Best black liquid eyeliner

How to use eyeliner pencil?

  1. Brighten the eye sockets. First, apply transparent pearlescent eyeshadow on the whole eye socket to brighten the eye area, make the eyes clean and bright, and make the black eyeliner more clean and three-dimensional.
  2. Draw eyeliner. Gently lift the eyelid, from the head of the eye to the tail direction along the root of the eyelashes thinly drawn black inner eyeliner in close to the tail of the eye 1/3 of the part of the thicker eyeliner, will make the eyes look more deep and god.
  3. Smudge the eyeliner. This step is the key to a natural look, smudge the eyeliner, gently use the brush to smudge the inner eyeliner slightly, to make a shadow just catch the width of the cat eye line first.
  4. Flat pull eyeliner to the end of the eye. Start from the head of the eye to draw on the eyeliner, be sure to stick to the root of the eyelashes drawn to the corner of the eye, along with the eye flat pull eyeliner, the line from thin to thick, the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyeliner where the eye line is connected to the eye line to be thickened, the focus is on the end of the eye part of the 5px to make the arc of the uplift upward, the lower eyelid diagonally upward extension of the eyeliner is the optimal length to make the eyes look bigger and more attractive and does not droop.
  5. Eyeliner to enhance the effect. Eyeliner can strengthen the eyeliner and eyelash root of the sense of density, relatively make the line more obvious follow the eyeliner has been naturally spread, along the eyelash root black eyeliner, eyelash end slightly upward, and finally fade out naturally.

Menow Best Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils& Best Smudge Proof Eyeliner Pencils(best cheap makeup)

As a leading private label cosmetics factory, Menow specializes in custom makeup products covering eye, face, and lip makeup. Its custom cosmetics are made with the finest ingredients and come in a wide range of colors, textures, and shades. Menow produces waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner pencils that are glossy, easy to apply, and very easy to handle, so even newcomers can control them well. It is very long-lasting after applying makeup, and the after-makeup effect drawn is extremely natural, which is suitable for creating all kinds of delicate makeup. Special point, when removing makeup can also be quickly removed clean.

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