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The product that people recognize today as mascara did not develop until the 19th century. century: a chemist named Eugène Rimmel developed a cosmetic around 1880, the Rimmel from a petroleum distillate, petroleum jelly. The name of the cosmetic rimmel has become synonymous with substance itself and is still translated as’mascara’ in Italian ( mascara means”mask” in this language, compare to farce Italian), French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Romanian, etc. It went down in history under different names, but among others under the name of Rimmel, the brand that marketed this famous product : ” You’ve got the Rimmel running away, it’s the lovers’ thaw, pretty kid.” (Leo Ferré). It will be one of the very first products of this family.

How to choose the right mascara?

Thick and curved eyelashes can make the eyes look more attractive, which is also the effect pursued by all women. However, different eye black has different functions. Improper use will not only fail to increase the beauty of eyelashes, but will also have a certain reaction. Therefore, when choosing eye black, you should choose it according to different eyelash conditions.

1. Insufficient eyelashes, unable to see the roots

The amount of eyelashes is small, and the root cannot be seen. In this case, the eyelids are usually single, and the eyes are relatively small. The reason why eye black is used is mainly to make the eyes bigger and more beautiful.

Therefore, it is better to choose curly eye black with curling effect and a little weight to ensure the curl of eyelashes and make them look more weight. One thing to note is that the chosen eyelash brush should match the length of the eyelashes.

2.Low eyelash volume, visible at the base

If you have a relatively small amount of eyelashes but can see the roots of them, it means that your eyes are relatively large and easy to see individual eyelashes. However, due to the small number of eyelashes, your eyes may lack some charm.
Therefore, when choosing eye black, you should choose thick eye black to make each mascara thicker and longer. Dense eye black is thicker. There is more hair on the brush head. You can dip more eye black each time to thicken the eyelashes. When the eyelashes become thick and thick, brush the brush forward along the direction of the eyelashes to make the eyelashes appear thick and thin.

3. With a large amount of eyelashes, the roots can be seen

The large amount of eyelashes and the ability to see the root show that the eyes are large and the eyes are also very attractive. The reason why eye black is used is to strengthen the expression of eyelashes and make the eyes more attractive.
In order to enhance the weight of eyelashes, we should choose eye black with more weight, and use a high density and large mascara brush to increase the curl of eyelashes. In this way, even if we do not draw eyeliner, our eyes will look very energetic.

4.There is a large amount of eyelashes, and the root cannot be seen

There are a lot of eyelashes, but the root can’t be seen. This kind of eye shape is generally thin and long. In order to increase the charm of eyelashes, each eyelash should become long and curved. It’s better to use lengthened eye black to enhance the sense of existence of eyelashes and make them more eye-catching. However, the use of eye black should not be too much, and brushing eye black too thick will reduce the effect.
The eyelash brush should be used with a relatively long length, and should be brushed upwards from the root of the eyelashes to expose the hidden eyelashes and make the eyes more lively.
Of course, in addition to the method of selecting eye black according to eyelashes, it should also be selected according to the different functions of eye black. For example, transparent eye black can maintain the elasticity and curl of eyelashes without causing dyeing problems. It is suitable for those who like natural light makeup.

Waterproof mascara is suitable for swimming or rainy days. Even if it encounters water, it will not destroy the painted eyelashes. The disadvantage is that if the application time is too long, it is difficult to wipe clean. Nourishing eye black contains various nutrients needed by eyelashes, can form a protective film on eyelashes, can nourish eyelashes deeply, and can also moisturize.

Menow Best Waterproof Mascara and Best Rapid Prototyping Enlarged Eyes Mascara(Best Mascara For Asian Lashes)

As a leading OEM customized cosmetics factory, Menow specializes in producing eye, facial, and lip cosmetics. Its customized cosmetics are made from the best ingredients and come in various colors, textures, and tones. Menow produces waterproof and antifouling mascara, which is shiny, easy to apply and easy to handle, so even newcomers can control them well. After applying makeup, it is very long-lasting, and the resulting effect is extremely natural, suitable for creating various exquisite makeup looks. Especially, when removing makeup, it can also quickly and cleanly remove makeup.

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