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Custom lipstick maker —— Revealing the recipe and use for custom lipsticks

custom lipstick maker

Lipstick(custom lipstick) is often the first cosmetic product that girls use as adults, and they often choose satin lipsticks. In this way, lipstick has become an essential cosmetic for women, to the point that once they don’t wear it, they feel that something is missing. Wearing lipstick is the easiest form of makeup that not only enhances the brightness of the look, but in many cases protects the fragile skin of the lips. Lipstick, a cosmetic product that is applied to the lips to make them red, is a cosmetic product that is mainly used on the lips and can increase the color of the lips or change the color of the lips, and is one of the important makeup.

General Ingredients for Customized Lipsticks

Base:Oils, waxes, and softeners that enable lipsticks to set and last.
Wax: Carnauba wax, beeswax are the most commonly used, carnauba wax is less likely to melt.
Oil: Mineral oil, onion oil, lanolin, paraffin oil.
Softeners, which increase the ability of the color to adhere to the lips, can also moisturize, lip balm contains more oils and less waxes.
Colorants: Containing pigments or dyes, the pigments used in custom lipsticks must be finely particulated to adhere evenly to the lips.
Fragrances and flavoring to mask the taste of the above ingredients.
The ratio of ingredients is 65% onion and hemp oil, 15% beeswax, 8-10% carnauba wax, 5% lanolin, some colorants and flavors.
Some custom lipsticks with shimmering effects also contain mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other ingredients. Some of the brighter or darker red lipsticks, which may contain cochineal parasites on cacti, also contain some antiseptic ingredients.

Types of custom lipsticks

Matte lipstick: contains the most pigment and has the strongest color. It has no luster or reflection on its own, so some of my friends often use it when they have acne, ensuring a low-profile face under the premise of love of beauty. Since it can keep the color for a long time without fading and does not contain moisturizing ingredients, it is not suitable for thin lips and women with more lip lines.
Satin Lipsticks: Satin lipsticks have a high oil content so they appear glossy and are slightly lighter in color, light and sheer. These lipsticks are generally slightly sticky and scented. They are easy to wipe off and moisturize well, and are often paired with matte lipsticks or lip balms to achieve both color and shine.
Lip Honey: This type of lipstick is between matte and satin, and contains more wax than the matte type, so it provides better protection for the lips, but it also often dries out the lips.
Long-lasting lipsticks: Almost all lipsticks have the problem of coming off easily and need to be reapplied in time. But this type of lipstick solves this problem. Some long lasting lipsticks are very drying. Long lasting lipsticks usually consist of two parts: the base and the satin finish. The base part has silicone oils that retain the color for a long time, and once the lipstick dries out, you can apply a colorless satin gloss to add shine. The satin part can be swiped on again and again, but the base color can’t be washed off until after you remove your makeup.

Customized lipstick shades

Custom lipstick colors are classified into warm and cool tones. Warm tones include big red, berry, reddish brown, grapefruit, tangerine, coral, etc.; cool tones include beige, light pink, cherry red, rose pink, light brown, dark chocolate, etc. Warm-toned lipsticks are more suitable for people with yellow or wheat skin tones, while cool-toned colors are more suitable for people with fair skin. It is generally recommended to choose the color of lipstick according to skin color, fair-skinned people’s skin tone is generally pink, suitable for a wide range of lipstick colors, but the pink and red color system is the most obvious white skin tone, and yellow skin or darker skin people’s skin tone is generally yellow, more suitable for warm-tone lipstick colors, such as grapefruit, bean sand, coral, etc. for yellow skin are very friendly, but it is not recommended that yellow skin try pink color system, although the Pink color system is very girly, but for yellow skin will be very old.

custom lipstick

How to use lipstick

  1. First of all, you need to clean your lips, wash your face when you wash it by the way.
  2. Smear lip balm, gently smudge with your fingers, and then leave it to wait for a while, this will moisturize and maintain the lips can also play the effect of isolation layer.
  3. Then use a lip brush dipped in lipstick a little, for the edge of the lips to draw the lip line. Note that the lip shape drawn should be rounded and full, not messy. Carve the lip line is to make the whole lip makeup look three-dimensional and layered.
  4. Then directly pick up the lipstick to apply, try to face the makeup mirror, open the mouth to apply, pay attention to coloring as much as possible to achieve uniformity, and can not exceed the location of the lip line.
  5. Dip the lipstick again, for the entire lip makeup evenly coated, especially the corners of the mouth position, the need to deepen and marginalize the treatment.
  6. Again for the edge of the lipstick concealer treatment, the lip line to create a more delicate and clear.

Custom Lipstick Maker

Menow Cosmetics manufacturer has a highly acclaimed reputation in this aspect of custom lipstick service, brand awareness is also very high, Menow produces custom lipsticks using the highest quality and safest ingredients in the formula, no harm to people, and can even play a role in protecting the lips.Menow produces custom lipsticks with an attractive appearance, the color and shade of the consumer requirements. Safe, non-toxic and non-irritating. Easy to use, even color, no mottling, must be able to clearly depict the lip contour without bleed-through, the appearance of the color is consistent with the color of the application, and will not change color over time. Feels good to use, no odor, does not stain drinking utensils, non-greasy.Menow provides one-stop service from logo design, package design, formula development, production, filling, packaging to final shipping.

Lipstick sets

Custom Lipstick Color

Menow supports lipstick color customization, welcome to contact us to tell us the custom lipstick color you want.

Custom Lipstick Boxes

Menow supports lipstick boxes customization, welcome to contact us to tell us the lipstick boxes design you want.

Lipstick sets

Menow not only has customized individual lipsticks, but also customized lipstick sets. Like Menow Color Beauty Nourishing Set K906, which is lip set consisting of 6 lipstick pencils, 1 gel remover + 1 pencil rollers cap, packed in a PVC tray and then in a box. The lip liner is silky smooth and full of color. It’s made with a long-lasting formula that won’t fade easily and will keep your makeup looking long-lasting. Inside the lip set, there is another item – a pencil roller cap that cuts the pencil to make the tip easier to use. And the Lip Gel Makeup Remover removes lip makeup with a simple wipe without any harmful effects on your lips.

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