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“Light brown eyebrow pencil is my favorite!” I often hear girls mention eyebrow pencil, so what exactly is eyebrow pencil?

Eyebrow pencils are a type of eyebrow ink product for eyebrow shaping, the purpose of which is to make eyebrows thick and bright after shaping them with a razor, tweezers, etc., and then drawing the preferred shape with an eyebrow pencil. Modern eyebrow pencils come in two forms, a pencil type and a push tube type, where the pencil is pushed out to draw the eyebrow when used. The depth and thickness of the brow color has always been an important parameter of fashionability. A long time ago, ladies knew how to playfully ask the man next to them, “What’s the shade of your eyebrows?” In the early 1990s, women who were tired of drawing their eyebrows every day got tattoos in the hope of having stylish eyebrows once and for all. But what’s popular is also outdated, and any investment in the permanence of fashion won’t pay off. The tattooed eyebrows lying on the face are an eye-catching counterpoint to the advertising of eyebrow pencils. The advantage is that it is convenient and suitable for outlining the shape of the eyebrows, tracing the short feathered brows, and outlining the ends of the eyebrows. The disadvantages are that it traces a hard line; it cannot blend colors, and because it contains wax, it is relatively easy to remove makeup in warm and humid environments.

What are the ingredients of eyebrow pencil?

The main ingredients of eyebrow pencil are paraffin, beeswax, ozokerite, petrolatum, carnauba wax, lanolin, cocoa butter, carbon black pigment, etc. The above raw materials are made into wax blocks and pressed into a pen core in a laminating machine, and are glued in the middle of two semicircular wooden strips to form a pencil shape for use.

How to pick the right eyebrow pencil color for you(light brown eyebrow pencil)?

Eyebrow pencils usually come in brown, black, grey, coffee, etc. Depending on your skin tone and hair color, you can choose different shades of shades.

1.Choose according to skin color

People with lighter skin tone are suitable for eyebrow pencil with lighter color, such as light curry, but fair skin is not easy to go wrong with any eyebrow pencil color. People with darker skin tone are recommended to choose a darker dark brown eyebrow pencil, black eyebrow pencil or grey eyebrow pencil, while you need to avoid colors that are too light and red, such as red eyebrow pencil.

2.Choose according to hair color

Eyebrow color and hair color is best to be the same color, not too big a difference in depth. If your hair is brown and yellow, a brown eyebrow pencil is more suitable for you. Similarly, if your hair color is on the darker side, choose a darker shade of dark brown eyebrow pencil, black eyebrow pencil or gray eyebrow pencil. However, if the difference is too big, it is recommended to use eyebrow tint cream after the eyebrow pencil to unify the color of your eyebrows.

3.Choose according to face shape

Round face: Suitable for uplifted eyebrow, not suitable for flat and short thick eyebrow shape and curved eyebrow.
Long face: Suitable for flat and straight eyebrows with a little peak, not suitable for curved, uplifted and thin eyebrows.
Square Face: Suitable for upturned eyebrows, not for flat, thin and short eyebrows.
Diamond-shaped face: suitable for straight and slightly longer eyebrows, not suitable for arc too large eyebrow type.

4.Choose according to eye size

Bright and large eyes are perfect for darker eyebrow colors, such as dark brown eyebrow pencil, black eyebrow pencil or gray eyebrow pencil, plus a proper thick eyebrow is perfect. On the other hand, if you have small eyes, you can’t go wrong with a light brown eyebrow pencil with a thin eyebrow shape to create the image of a gentle woman.

Besides eyebrow pencils, there are also eyebrow powders and creams

Eyebrow products can be roughly divided into eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow cream three, you can choose according to their different needs for makeup, eyebrow powder is suitable for filling the eyebrow gap, to create a sense of hairy, suitable for thick eyebrow star. The cream is perfect for drawing sharp lines and thick European and American style eyebrows, suitable for light eyebrow stars. In contrast to the other two types of eyebrow products, eyebrow pencils are suitable for most people’s eyebrow drawing needs, and are quick to apply, easy to outline in detail, and create the most natural and delicate eyebrows. In the choice of eyebrow pencil, be sure to choose the cream body soft and hard moderate eyebrow pencil, in the arm of the test color pencil smooth, moderate color development, no lumps, the same also need to consider the color and hair color match and waterproof and other factors.

How to draw great looking eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil?

Determine the position of the head, peak and tail of the eyebrows, and tracing the eyebrows on top of that can make you stand out more.

1.First determine the approximate position of the peak of the eyebrow

At the position of the peak of the eyebrow, use the eyebrow pencil to gently draw a “ヘ” shape as a mark. Gently trace around what you think is the peak of the eyebrow, don’t be very precise.

2.From the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, trace little by little.

Trace the outer line from the peak of the brow to the end of the brow, moving the pencil gently from the inside to the outside. It’s easier to draw a short line with a little bit of heavy strokes than a single stroke.

3.Link the upper edge line and draw the middle part.

Starting from 1cm from the head of the eyebrow to each of the positions you just marked, connect the upper edge of the eyebrow line. Treat your eyebrows as if they were skin, and apply with slightly stronger strokes to tidy up the shape.

4.Apply light color to the head of the eyebrow toward the bridge of the nose.

Apply light color to the top of the brow, and trace in the direction of the bridge of the nose. Holding the pencil lightly and dabbing is more natural. If the color of the brow head itself is strong, it’s okay not to trace the head of the brow.

5.Use the brush to smudge the outer edge of the brow.

Use the brush to gently slide the upper edge line of the eyebrow along the direction from the head of the eyebrow, the peak of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, do not use too much force, or you will make the edge line disappear completely.

6.the color of the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow color into one

Finally blend the overall brow color. Using the front part of the eyebrow brush, standing up the roots of the hairs from to the bottom up is the trick. Be sure to use light pressure at this point so you don’t get all the coloring off.

What are the benefits of Menow(high end brand makeup) Eyebrow Pencil?

Menow is a private label cosmetics company located in the Guangdong region of China, which has been dedicated to providing a range of high quality customized makeup products for modern women with a focus on skincare. All of Menow’s cosmetic formulas are animal-test-free and vegan, and the product line includes eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and more.

What are the properties of Menow’s eyebrow pencil:

  1. Soft on the skin, adheres evenly, easy to apply color
  2. Can draw a fine line with sharp contours
  3. High retention, makeup is not easy to be scattered
  4. Good stability, no sweat, no powder, not easy to break and scattered
  5. High safety

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