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How do I prevent my eyeliner from smudging?

When our friends praise us for the perfect eyeliner, we will feel very happy. Unlike many of you, if someone praises me for my eyeliner, I will feel like a spring breeze. I prefer eyeliner to eye shadow. But there was a time when I struggled to draw a perfect eyeliner.

Eye makeup is a skill that requires continuous practice. Therefore, we need perfect eye makeup products and patience. Eyeliner can improve my makeup. Even if I don’t want to paint the whole makeup on my face, it can also add luster to my face.

Unfortunately, the truth is that we all hate eyeliner smudging more than not being able to draw perfect eyeliner. Sometimes, eyeliner can make people look embarrassed. Now, it’s time to use these simple techniques I share below to improve your eyeliner.

-Firstly, follow the correct CTM procedure to remove all grease, dirt, and dust. This is a very important step before drawing eyeliner. Ensure that the eyelids are not greasy.

-Before using makeup lotion, it can seal pores, provide a natural barrier for the skin, and prevent oil from entering. Now apply foundation make-up or BB cream (I do this, you can also not do this).

-This is the most important point. Draw eyeliner. Be sure to choose a high-quality eyeliner pen, so as to ensure that you have a pair of attractive eyes. I suggest you purchase the LIT Glossy Eyeliner from Menow. This is a eyeliner pen with high pigment content, which can bring bold and shiny effects to the eyes. Furthermore, it is very lightweight, and you may not even realize what you have painted on your eyelids. Super waterproof, won’t smudge. The quality of this eyeliner is very good. The eyeliner brush is very precise. Now start to draw eyeliner. Every time, it should be done in one go, and if necessary, it should be drawn again.

-After the eye makeup is finished, close your eyes and set the makeup with the makeup setting spray.

This is my tried and true trick. I use it to draw a perfect winglike eyeliner every day.

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