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Foundation:How to apply liquid foundation?

Foundation:How to apply liquid foundation?

Liquid foundation is an indispensable step in the makeup process and the soul of the entire makeup. A good foundation can not only brighten the skin tone, but also cover blemishes, allowing a woman to show her perfect appearance and attract everyone’s attention. But even some makeup veterans will fall into some misunderstandings when using foundation, causing floating powder or spots. So how should liquid foundation be used scientifically? Choosing a foundation that suits you is not an easy task. This blog post will introduce you to some knowledge about liquid foundation, hoping to help you choose a liquid foundation that suits you.

Classification of liquid foundation

Classification according to texture: it can be divided into powder-cream type, liquid type, paste type, foam type, etc.
Classification by color: Generally speaking, the color of liquid foundation is divided into light, medium and dark colors. When choosing, you should choose the appropriate color according to your skin tone.
Classification according to transparency: it can be divided into transparent, translucent and opaque. Liquid foundations with high transparency are mainly refreshing to the touch and have good adhesion; translucent foundations are suitable for modifying skin color problems; opaque liquid foundations are suitable for covering more serious skin defects.

How to choose the liquid foundation that suits you?

Choose a foundation that suits your skin type: Different foundations are suitable for different skin types.
Dry skin: You need to choose a moisturizing foundation that can bring long-lasting moisture.
Oily skin: Choose a light and thin foundation, which can control oil and avoid oiliness on the face.
Combination skin: Suitable for lightweight liquid foundation, which can control facial shine well without drying the skin.
Sensitive skin: Choose a foundation designed for sensitive skin to avoid allergies and irritation.
Choose a foundation based on your skin tone: Generally speaking, you should choose a foundation that is similar to your skin tone. If you are not sure about your skin tone, it is recommended to go to the counter to test the color before purchasing. Liquid foundation should blend with your original skin tone to even out your skin tone and correct blemishes (acne marks, stains, dark circles, redness, etc.). Only then can it be considered a foundation that suits you, so be clear about your skin tone. first step. Our skin can be roughly divided into cold skin, warm skin, and neutral skin.
Consider the covering power and durability of the foundation: If you need to cover skin problems with more blemishes, you can choose a foundation with stronger covering power. If you need long-lasting makeup, choose a long-lasting liquid foundation.

How to use liquid foundation correctly?

You should make sure your skin is clean before use. Moisturizing before makeup is very important, as it is the key to makeup application. You must use basic moisturizing lotion and essence before makeup. If your skin is very dry, you can apply a facial mask to moisturize it first, which can make the makeup more compliant.
When applying makeup, you can choose to apply it with a brush, sponge, fingers, etc. It is recommended to start from the center of the face and push it to both sides, making sure to apply it evenly.
Presumably many people apply it directly with their hands when using liquid foundation. In fact, this can easily cause smearing. The more scientific application method is to apply liquid foundation in different areas, and then pat it evenly with a spray-wet sponge egg. In addition, don’t ignore the neck and chin.
If you want to increase the coverage, you can apply it multiple times.

In short, different liquid foundations are suitable for different skin types and needs. It is very important to choose the liquid foundation that suits you. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the correct usage method when using it, so that you can create a perfect skin makeup.

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