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New attributes to create new products, new thinking to do new marketing

At present, the cosmetics market is constantly developing, with not only domestic and foreign veteran players who have been racing in the cosmetics market for many years, but also a group of emerging talents who have emerged through specialized research in foundation makeup. Recently, MENOW announced an attack on the foundation market with the brand positioning of “new generation specialized in foundation makeup”, and will compete for a new strong market position in the new pattern of domestic cosmetics. In this fiercely competitive track, where does the foundation of MENOW come from?

“‘New generation specialized foundation makeup ‘will not only be our slogan, but also our brand DNA engraved in our bones. This year, we will use new positioning to create new brands, new attitudes to create new products, and new thinking to do new marketing.”

On May 9th, at the 2024 global new product launch event of Mino, with the theme of “new fans”, Mino MENOW CEO Zhou Zifeng provided answers from multiple dimensions such as brand, product, and marketing.

Positioned as a “new generation specialized in foundation makeup”, officially competing in the foundation makeup track

In recent years, MENOW has successfully exploded a series of popular products loved by young consumers. On the list of base makeup on various platforms, MENOW’s base makeup powder continues to dominate the list. According to the list of Tiktok, Tmall, Pinduoduo and Kwai Makeup powder, Meinuo MENOW Makeup powder ranks among the top three all the year round. In the past year, Meinuo MENOW powder sold more than 50 million boxes in total.

Ace Anoin/Tri color correction principle, creating a “technological foundation”

It is understood that Meinuo MENOW’s powder series covers a full range of base makeup products, including air cushion, powder, liquid foundation, etc., and adopts a pure green formula. Take the MENOW custom powder air cushion as an example,With the help of the soothing ingredient Annoin, it works with a high proportion of nourishing essence to achieve the effect of “multiple superpositions of non sticking powder” with skin care base makeup, achieving the original sense of makeup effect of “Masheng concealer”. At the same time, it also carries the triple optical coating powder technology, magnetic film liquid film forming formula technology, etc., which solves the three most important pain points of consumers: sticking powder, non concealer, and fast oxidation.

Multi dimensional and three-dimensional marketing layout, achieving the advancement of the “new generation” brand

In order to better promote new products and empower brand building, MENOW has also planned a marketing layout that integrates online and offline, as well as domestic and foreign markets. Firstly, MENOW will create an online marketing matrix that combines the main storyline of spokesperson promotion and influencer marketing promotion network to enhance brand awareness and increase brand traffic. Secondly, in the context of continuous innovation in marketing forms and content, MENOW is also keeping up with the mainstream and has reached strategic cooperation with Focus Media. It will launch a large number of Focus elevator and outdoor advertisements offline, strengthen brand building, and help achieve product efficiency balance. In addition, in offline channels, Mino MENOW has officially settled in chain channels such as colorists and Sanfu, and is expected to open more than 10000 offline stores throughout the year, covering more than 100 prefecture level cities nationwide. Finally, in addition to the domestic market, since last year, MENOW has also launched a brand overseas plan, with products exported to more than 60 countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Egypt.

It is not difficult to see that excellent comprehensive brand value, product innovation, good reputation, and operational capabilities are the core forces for Mino to participate in competition. With the deepening layout and accumulation in these fields, Meinuo will inevitably cross a longer development cycle and embark on the path of advancement belonging to a “new generation specialized foundation makeup” brand.

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