OEM/ODM Skincare & Bespoke Makeup

Menow cosmetic factory produce cosmetics that are unique and original products in the global marketplace.
We turn into reality the things customers want to do.
For potential partners considering OEM of original/own-brand cosmetics

Turnkey Services as Easy as 8 Steps

Menow Customized Cosmetic Process

Our strong partnerships with formulators, technical color experts, researchers, and engineers ensures you have access to the most ground-breaking ingredients and cutting edge technology, ahead of trend.

1. Quotation

After Menow cosmetic factory receive your request ( includingcolors , products , budget etc . ) we providequote as fast as in 24 hours.

2. Product Design

Overall design including containers .packaging , and product colors will be made by Menow cosmetic factory in-house designers.

3. Contract Confirmation

With your test on products and confirmationon our samples , a formal contract will be sent to you as soon as possible.

4. Packaging/Seml Product Test

Appearance , color , smell , cold resistance ,heat resistance , total number of colonies...a series of complete testings will be set up.

5. Mass Production

Clean room production facilities and specified production team are assigned to serve your order , for quick and safe manufacturing.

6. Sampling Inspection

As semi-product testing , PH test , relative density test , powder dropping test , fineness test , rubbing performance are regular operations.

7. shipping

Depending on shipping methods , it takes 7-30 days on shipping . Menow cosmetic factory shipping experts will advice on faster & better shipping

8. After-sales Services

That is Menow cosmetic factory's promise . Natural's after-sales team serves your business with any product problems and further order placement.

Turnkey Means More

Our ability to manage the entire supply chain from initial design to shelf-ready production makes us a one stop shop for your company’s packaging and turnkey requirements. We provide continual communication throughout the end-to-end manufacturing cycle.

Concept Support

Design of the whole concept and idea with the proposal of the active ingredients and the arrangement of the different products in the cosmetic line.

ERP System Management

The product specification and the documentation of the product components (analysis reports, SDSs, etc.)are stored in our system to support your project.

Warehouse Support

Natural is in the heart of Guangdong, with our warehouse located in Guangzhou. All products are safely stored and shipped from our warehouse.

Ready to Talk?

We work with global cosmetic brands who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.