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Spring limited edition: Pink and tender eye makeup tutorial, awakening your girlish heart

Spring is the season for the revival of all things, and it is also the best time for young girls to showcase sweetness and vitality. In this warm season, a pink and tender eye makeup can undoubtedly add a touch of brightness to your overall look, awakening your inner girlish heart. Now, let’s learn this limited spring pink eye makeup tutorial together!

1.Preparation before makeup

Before embarking on the wonderful journey of eye makeup, the top priority is to create a refreshing and hydrated environment for the skin around the eyes. Be sure to use a gentle and effective eye makeup remover to completely remove fatigue and makeup throughout the day, returning the skin around the eyes to its purest state. Next, apply a layer of moisturizing eye cream to the eye skin, gently massage until fully absorbed, injecting a continuous stream of moisture and nutrients into the skin, ensuring that subsequent eye makeup can naturally fit and display the best makeup effect. In this way, your eye skin can radiate a healthy glow, laying a solid foundation for future eye makeup creations.

2.Underlay and brighten up

Use a light eyeshadow as the base color, and gently smear it on the whole eye socket to lay the foundation for the layering of subsequent eye makeup. Then, apply a brightening eye shadow with shimmering particles on the eye head to add luster to both eyes.

3. Pink eye shadow tingling

Choose a pink eye shadow, and use a eye shadow brush or finger pulp to slightly smudge the fold of the eyelid. In order to create a natural transition effect, you can start from the tail of the eye to the head of the eye to fade the color of the eye shadow gradually. At the same time, you can also gently sweep some pink eye shadow on the lower eyelid to increase the sweetness of eye makeup.

4.Eyeliner and eyelashes

To explain the deep eye area, you can use the black or brown eyeliner pen to gently draw a fine eyeliner with the root of the eyelashes. Then use the eyelash curler to gently raise the eyelash, creating a natural curve. Finally, apply a thick curved black eye to make your eyelashes clear and spread like a fan, immediately make your eyes glow, appear brighter and alerter.

5. Pink powder blusher and lip makeup

To exchange eye makeup, you can gently brush the pink powder blushers on cheekbones to add color. With the examination of lips, you can choose pink lips or pink lips to make your lips full of pink.

6.Overall design

Finally, to be more harmonious in general, you can choose a piece of hair or earring with a color like eye makeup and powder blusher. At the same time, pay attention to beauty and meaningless hair that makes the general look more perfect.

Through the learning and practice of the above six steps, I believe you have mastered this limited spring pink eye makeup tutorial. In this spring, why not give this sweet eye makeup a try! Let it awaken your girlish heart and let you bloom with the most beautiful radiance in spring!

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