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Discover the secrets of custom blush: Pink Blush

Pink blush

Definition of Blush

Blush(pink blush), or rouge, belongs to the category of beauty cosmetics and is the best tool to modify the shape of the face and beautify the complexion. It is applied to the cheeks, especially the cheeks, to make the face look brighter, rosy and bloodshot, and by drawing shadows to give the cheeks a three-dimensional look, it adds beauty and a sense of health. Blushes come in a variety of shapes just like foundations, and are generally used as powder blushes, solid blushes, cream blushes and liquid blushes.

Blush has been a very popular makeup item for women since ancient times and has undergone a long period of development itself. The main ingredients of custom blushes are basically the same as those of powdered scents, with talc, clay powder, zinc oxide, as well as flavorings and pigments. Some premium blushes also use lanolin, white petroleum jelly, and three-flower flavorings.

Functions of Pink Blush

Pink blush mainly serve the following purposes:

Adding natural rosy color: The main function of pink blush is to add natural rosy color to the cheeks, making people look healthier, more energetic and refreshed. Because a rosy face is often a sign of good health, blush can make people look more beautiful and attractive.

Highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the face: pink blush can make the facial contours more clear, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the face. By adjusting the position and intensity of the blush, the cheeks can be made fuller or more concave, creating different facial contours.

Contouring: Blush pink can also be used to contour the face by making certain areas of the face appear more sunken in through clever application, thus slimming the face.

Adjusting tone: Pink blush can adjust tone and make the face more pink and vibrant. In the case of a dull or tired complexion, using blush can make you look more refreshed.

Complement your makeup: pink blush is also able to put the finishing touches on your entire makeup look, making it more complete and sophisticated.

Custom color blush

Choosing the right blush color is also important, and different skin tones are suitable for different colors. Generally speaking, pink blush is suitable for fair skin, orange blush for yellow skin, peach blush for medium skin tone, and rose blush for dark skin tone. Of course, there are also factors to consider such as personal preference and the occasion of use.

The correct use of blush for different face shapes

Goose egg face

This is a very pretty face shape, and you can use it for different occasions and different makeup looks to get the look you want.  

How to apply blush: The basic method of applying blush is to smile and find the highest point of the cheekbones, then stand up the blush brush and apply it to both cheekbones in a circular motion.

Round Face

Cute face shape, the disadvantage is that the face is more round and wider, the chin and hairline are rounded, lack of three-dimensional sense. It is best to add darker foundation to the cheeks and forehead, and brush in long lines to emphasize the vertical lines and elongate the face. Add white foundation in the middle of the chin and forehead, which will make the round face look and feel longer and have a sense of three-dimensionality.

How to apply blush: When painting blush on a round face, apply straight lines to add a sense of elongation to the face. Brush the blush in a diagonal line from the cheekbones to the center of the face to create an angle of the face.

Square Face

A face with straight, square lines and amaranthine foreheads and fronts lacks a sense of gentleness. You can add dark foundation to the cheeks and sides of the forehead, white foundation to the middle of the forehead and the chin, and emphasize the makeup of the eyebrows and lips, so that the square face will show a gentle quality.

How to apply blush: A square face presents a four-square angle, so in the use of blush, it is necessary to use round lines to increase the softness of the face. Brush the blush in a round way from the cheekbones to the direction of the nose. To make the cheeks look cleaner, use a darker color of blush to correct the overly large areas.

Triangular Face

Narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, with a narrow forehead and large square cheeks, giving you a calm and dignified look. Warm colors can be used to emphasize the calmness, generosity and graciousness of a square face. In the two cheeks wider parts of the deep color foundation, will appear more deep concave, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the lower part of the wide, in the narrow forehead and chin with white foundation, highlighting its sense of fullness.

How to apply blush: Brush higher and longer on both cheeks, with an oblique brush.

Inverted Triangle Face

The face shape is more pointed, with the characteristics of upper foraging and lower narrowing, wider forehead and pointed chin, which will give people a sad feeling. You need to put dark foundation on the cheekbones, chin and forehead to create a dark shadow effect, and use white or light-colored foundation on the cheeks to modify the thin cheeks, so that the whole face looks plump and bright.

Blush: Blush should be deepened in the cheekbone area. Use deeper shades to disguise cheekbones that stand out too much so that they are not too visible.

Blush application tools

If it is a powder blush, then you can use a blush brush to apply it, if it is a liquid blush, you can use a beauty egg, and if it is a blush cream, you can use a beauty egg or a blush brush.

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